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What is the Personal EshopWedrop Delivery Address?

Once signed up you will receive your Personal Delivery Addresses for your online shopping in Europe, USA and soon Asia. You can find these addresses when you log in to your Personal EshopWedrop Account.

These are the main EshopWedrop Warehouse Addresses. When you are shopping online and use one of these addresses, your parcels are being delivered to the relevant country’s EshopWedrop Warehouse.

Via this process you can sometimes benefit from a free delivery option that online retailers often offer their customers. Meaning, you only have to pay for the costs associated for EshopWedrop to deliver your parcel to the UK.

Example: You have ordered a book from that qualifies for free USA delivery and you have used your USA Personal EshopWedrop Delivery address at the checkout. This means that your parcel will first be sent to our USA EshopWedrop Warehouse allowing you to qualify for the Free delivery option that sometimes offers. Your goods will then be delivered from the USA warehouse to the UK and you will charged based on the delivery charge you have selected.


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Italian Month April 2022
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